Our laboratories:


Understanding and thoroughly grasping any concept requires theoretical knowledge and practical implementation of the hypothesis. This is why our curriculum heavily focuses on experiments to help our students see the working of the theories explained in their textbooks.

The laboratories of Cambrian Hall are well-equipped and have the required apparatus to conduct practicals in the subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Applications and Home Sciences. All the laboratories are fully furnished, have extensive setups with the latest technological devices and are under the board guidelines. All laboratories are spacious, airy, individual stations for students to conduct their experiments with proper safety and have carefully organised sitting arrangements.

The students are provided lab coats, safety goggles and other such personal protective gear to make sure they stay safe while performing their tests and during demonstrations. The school management has paid extra attention to keeping safety equipment like fire extinguishers, etc, in all the labs to minimise any safety hazards and regularly organises workshops and drills to train all the faculty members and laboratory staff to train them on how to operate these machines and equipment. Cambrian Hall has a multipurpose lecture theatre which is used for conducting guest lectures, seminars, and other such activities.

SEE (Social, Emotional and Ethical) Learning:

Cambrian Hall offers Social, Emotional and Ethical (SEE) Learning, an innovative programme developed by Emory University, H.H. The Dalai Lama and other local partners including Max Foundation, to its students. SEE learning fosters the development of much-needed emotional, social and ethical maturity among its staff and students. Through developmentally staged curriculum and lessons SEE provides tools for attention training, systems thinking and resilience among others and empowers students to engage with compassion and ethically as part of the local and global community.