Cambrian Hall Boarding

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After-school academic and co-curricular support is available to middle schoolers till 5 pm daily. This includes lunch, snacks, and learning assistance. Day boarding facilitates quality extracurricular exposure through sports, music, dance, etc. inspiring and motivating children to develop and acquire various skills while providing


Modern facilities across separate residential blocks for boys and girls promote safety and community. Trained staff offer top-notch care and monitoring round-the-clock. Pastoral support plus enriching weekend programming complements daily student life.

Experienced wardens ensure the physical, emotional, and social well-being of all resident students within a nurturing ecosystem. Cambrian Hall's boarding balances independence and family-like support. The staff shares a special relationship with students and serves as a bridge between academic and pastoral life.


Fully-equipped eight-bed infirmary with medical supplies, supported by a highly qualified resident nursing staff and an experienced senior doctor on call. Individual health records are maintained, and regular health check-ups are undertaken. Diet and health are closely monitored.


The administration regulates the culture of fresh, nutritional, and healthy food during the boarding sessions while also offering our students the opportunity to tailor their menus themselves thus assuring that the child's proper diet is taken care of. Balanced, tasty meals across cuisines suit all appetites which include Indian and other cuisines, such as Chinese, Continental and Thai, as well as delicious desserts.


The school is dedicated to providing a safe, secure, nurturing environment that facilitates and enhances student achievement and success. All students are closely monitored by technology and Security teams that patrol the campus 24 hours daily, seven days a week. The location of Cambrian Hall in the cantonment area facilitates a secure and clean environment for the school community.


Educational site visits, treks, and projects facilitate experiential learning and responsibility. Additionally, these outings help our students explore the outdoors and learn about nature, or even use them to explore different cultures and learn about different customs and traditions.


Tailored support aids self-discovery and informed decisions regarding college/career aspirations. Currently, an ongoing partnership with Univariety offers personalized career guidance. Univariety's expertise offers a personalised approach to career exploration, equipping students with invaluable insights into various academic pursuits and professional opportunities. This partnership empowers students to make informed decisions about their educational journey and career aspirations through tailored guidance, one-on-one sessions, and comprehensive resources.


Professional counselling services provide a safe space for students to express concerns and get guidance on personal, academic, or social issues. By nurturing mental health and emotional resilience, counsellors empower student well-being and holistic growth within a supportive environment.


Cambrian Hall provides exceptional academic support through partnership and coaching by highly esteemed institutions, renowned for their expert faculty and accomplished teams to offer comprehensive learning support for admissions towards NEET (Medicine), JEE (Engineering), SAT/ACT, NDA (Armed forces) etc, to allow children the information related to opportunities and a plethora of professions one can choose from in the context of the 21st Century requirements. Currently we have an academic association with Manas Studies.