Beyond books:
(Extra curricular activities)

The daily Assembly:

The daily Assembly is conducted for an allocated duration at the beginning of the day. These formal gatherings are intended to deepen students’ understanding of current affairs, institutional values and mannerisms and help in laying the foundation of a culture of communication and exchange of ideas. Cambrian Hall assemblies also incorporate guest lectures, inter-house competitions, music sessions, meditation, yoga and other such activities which utilise the students’ time productively.

Special assemblies are organised on significant and special days. Apart from celebrating the events, these special assemblies are also regulated for all the classes and respective sections on a rotation basis. This encourages the students of a particular section to display their creative potential, hone and showcase their talents, and engages them to develop their communication, leadership and public speaking skills to get them ready for the stage. Through assemblies, we aim to cultivate a healthy atmosphere of competition, and information and provide every child with the opportunity to be in the spotlight and to be acknowledged for their efforts individually.


With the drastically visible effects of climate change influencing the course of our lives, we take substantial measures to educate our students about the environment and urge them to spread awareness about the same. The eco-club of Cambrian Hall promotes the participation of students in various activities like plantations, skits and drama acts, debates, extempores and many more which further their cause, help in learning about our planet and improve the environment.

The active members of the eco-club are a forum through which the students acquire and advocate a set of values, principles and concerns regarding the environment and show utmost enthusiasm in taking steps intended for its conservation.

School trips and excursions:

The importance of travelling and experiencing different cultures and traditions, interacting in various social settings, and leading a group of people to accomplish certain tasks; all these activities teach life skills and inculcate values which cannot be taught within the classrooms. Therefore, the management and faculty at Cambrian Hall have always taken the initiative and encouraged our students to partake in sponsored adventure courses.

The mid-term breaks at Cambrian Hall are full of surprises for our students. After rigorous months of studies, examinations, sports and other events, we acknowledge the need for a well-deserved break for our students. Therefore, the students can enroll themselves on excursions, hikes, and trekking organised by the school. Over the past few years, many of our students have participated in various trekking trips to Nag Tibba, Har ki Doon, Dodital, Chopta and Tungnath.


Sports foster a culture of healthy competition, teamwork, and commitment and instill the importance of ambition in our soul. Cambrian Hall aims to create sportspersons who can take the country to new heights with their achievements. We have formulated one of the best sports programs in the country that has a positive influence on students of all ages and the gamut of abilities that our pupils exhibit.

Our goal is to develop and uplift our students’ interests in various indoor and outdoor sports and provide them with the best training to help them attain mastery of their game. Following our longest tradition of sporting excellence, gives us the experience and the resources to maximise the potential of every student at Cambrian Hall, irrespective of their choice of sport or their level of expertise. We have a dedicated team of exceptionally talented coaches and staff.

Art & Culture:

The institution of Cambrian Hall, ever since its foundation, has believed in the importance of art and culture and has made active efforts to imbibe these skills in the lives of our students. Not only are the cultural activities significant according to the curriculum, but the opportunities they provide help our students recognize their interests, strengths and their talent in the field of art. We ensure that our pupils have ample scope to discover their forte and pursue them as a hobby or a career option in the future. One of our core objectives is to organise a variety of cultural activities and create a window for maximum participation.

Some of the activities include:

  • Painting
  • Pottery
  • Clay Modeling
  • Dramatics
  • Classical Dance
  • Vocal and instrumental Music
  • Craft
  • Photography

We have a dedicated and standardised instructional program along with a specialised training course in the creative and performing arts at Cambrian Hall. The interested students can register themselves, explore and fine-tune their creative skills and abilities in the field of their choice.

Education beyond the classrooms:

Innocence, fearlessness and dedication; these values are the gifts of the youth.

While education is the primary function of our institution, we have always ensured that our schooling is never restricted to textbooks. Our curriculum has incorporated various endeavours which contribute to the personality-building and holistic development of our students. Activities have been classified according to the children’s ages and they are encouraged to take part in all activities of their interests.

We have always prioritised the holistic growth of our pupils and our classrooms do not infringe on children’s right to avail themselves of opportunities which allow them to play, sing, dance and participate in various competitions by themselves.

Here’s a list of activities to give you a glimpse of how Cambrian Hall promotes learning, and recreation and helps students to build confidence:

  • Western Music| Classical music| Indian vocal music| Instrumental music
  • Dance| Zumba
  • Table Tennis| Badminton
  • Volleyball| Basketball| Football
  • Annual Sports Day| Annual Function
  • Art & Craft
  • Cricket
  • Guest Assemblies by eminent people| Special theme assemblies
  • Field visits| Excursions| Trips and treks
  • Soft skills training and Counselling sessions