Middle School Elocution

"The art of communication is the "language of leadership". With this spirit! the students of the

The middle school presented their poems to the audience with confidence and enthusiasm. The event was graced by the presence of the Principal of our school, the Vice Principal and the Head of the Junior school. The esteemed panel of judges included Ms. Richa Chamoli, Ms. Apoorva Lal and Ms. Neelima Thapa.

The Elocution was divided into two categories: Group Elocution and Individual Elocution. The classes were further divided into two Groups - A and B. Group A consisted of classes III and IV while Group B of classes I, II and III.

In the Individual Elocution, the students took the stage individually to present their poems. No matter genre or theme, students delivered their chosen poem with passion and conviction, leaving the audience in awe of the talent a.

All the classes performed magnificently making it a rigorous task for the judges to decide. The suspense of the result was haunting everyone present in the auditorium.

In the end, the result was declared and certificates and gifts were presented. In the Group Elocution, the winner of group A was III C and the second position was bagged by IV B. In the Group B category (Class V to VII) the first position was bagged by Class VI C, the second position was awarded to Class VI D and the third was awarded to Class V A.

In the Group Elocution, the students collaborated and worked together to recite a poem as a team. Students contributed their unique voice and interpretation blending their deliveries seamlessly thus creating a powerful and wonderful performance. In the individual category the first prize was presented to Satakshi Shahi VI C and the second position was a tie between Dimple Arkhel VI A and Aahana Thapliyal VI D.

The comperes managed the event with ease. The wonderful decoration for the event was done by Ms. Garg and her team. The event. was smoothly managed by Mrs. S. Walsh and Mrs. N. Shahi. Overall supervision was of Mrs. K. Joseph, the Head of the Middle school.