Inter-house G.K. Quiz

Cambrian Hall organised the Inter-House Ahuja G.K. Quiz on 1st August 2023. The event was witnessed with great enthusiasm and participation from both students and faculty members alike.

The Quiz was conducted in an engrossing atmosphere where teams of the four houses battled it out by answering a wide range of questions from various categories such as history, science, literature, sports, and current affairs. The questions were thought-provoking and required quick thinking, ensuring that the participants were on their toes throughout the entire event. The event not only showcased the academic prowess of the students but also their teamwork and leadership skills.

After several rounds of mind-boggling questions, Judha House emerged the winner, with Mainwaring House closely trailing behind in the second position. Edwards House secured the third position.

The Quiz proved to be a great learning experience for the participants, as they gained valuable knowledge and competitive spirit. Furthermore, it provided a platform for students to interact with their peers from different Houses, fostering a sense of camaraderie and unity within the school community.

The success of the Inter-House Ahuja GK quiz was a testament to the outstanding efforts put forth by the organizing committee, teachers, and students who dedicated their time to make the event a resounding success. It was a reminder of the school's commitment to nurturing the all-round development of its students, beyond just academics.

As the event concluded, the Principal appreciated all the participants for their exceptional display of intelligence and general awareness. The event was undoubtedly a memorable one, leaving everyone eagerly looking forward to the next edition of the Inter-house Ahuja G.K. Quiz next year.