35th Death Anniversary of the School Founder


In a heartfelt event, the Cambrian Hall family honoured the life and accomplishments of its esteemed founder, Late Col. Shashi Shumshere J.B. Rana whose pioneering vision and unwavering dedication played a pivotal role in laying the foundation of the institution.

The event started with the lighting of the lamp and floral tribute offered by the President of the Board of Trustees of Cambrian Hall, Sir, Krishna Shumshere J.B. Rana, Members of the Board of Trustees, Gen. Shakti Gurung, Ms, Shikha Ghildiyal, Director, Mrs. Sonam Rana, the Principal of the school Mr. Samuel Jaideep, Vice Principal Dr. R. C. Uniyal, Coordinators and the House Masters and House Mistresses.

During the Memorial Service, a heartfelt speech was delivered by the Principal, Mr Samuel Jaideep, providing a glimpse into Col. Shashi Shumshere JB Rana’s life and the indelible impact that he left on the school community. He recalled the founder's tireless commitment to education, emphasizing how his unwavering determination opened doors of opportunity for countless young minds.

To honour the founder's enduring legacy, the school choir sang songs expressing profound gratitude. Dharam Gurus imparted their words of wisdom. Their teachings inspired us to seek inner peace, cultivate compassion, and deepen our connection with the Divine.

This memorial service served as a reminder that while Col. Shashi Shumshere JB Rana may no longer physically be with us, his extraordinary legacy lives on through the students, teachers, and alumni whose lives he touched.