Career Counselling Session with 2B1 on 3rd of May, 2023

On the 3rd of May, 2023, Education USA India, organized a career counselling for the senior students of Cambrian Hall to pursue higher education in the United States. It was a great opportunity to learn about different universities in the US, the application process, the types of financial aid available, and the various programs of study. The counsellors also provided useful tips and insights into the US education system and the value of extracurricular activities.

In addition to this, the students also had the chance to witness an amazing music and dance performance by the group 2B1, which was a real treat. 2B1 is a green-minded musical group that has been teaching children and adults how to be eco-friendly through song and dance, which is the universal language, and they have been doing this work throughout the world, performing mostly in a Broadway-style show. The group was led by Kelsey Rae who has now, for over a decade, led the troupe in the direction of environmental awareness. Their incredible performances focused on the theme of making the world a better place. What made this performance unique was that the music was created using instruments made out of items of trash, emphasizing the importance of sustainability and environmental awareness. The group believes that by reusing trash it can be made to live forever.

Overall, attending the Education USA India career counselling event and watching 2B1's dance and musical performance was an enriching experience for the Cambrian Hall family. It not only provided us with valuable information about future education and career prospects but also reminded us that we can all contribute to making the world a better place, even in small ways, and that music and dance can bring people together and help us achieve that common goal.